I write songs for use in gathered worship, with the goal of making music that is engaging and accessible for communities of all shapes and sizes.

I write because I believe that music has the power to shape us, the church. It is a gift we offer God and a means by which God is present to us.

I'm especially interested in creating music that is modern, theologically Anabaptist, and that speaks to our lived experience of tension: pain and joy, sorrow and hope, doubt and faith. I believe that expressing all of this to God is an act of worship.

I've led groups large and small in singing together, participated in a variety of collaborative songwriting opportunities, and have written commissioned songs for weddings, ordinations, and worship themes. Please reach out if there are ways I can support you - leading music, facilitating a workshop or seminar, writing for a specific event or theme, etc.

I have a bachelor's degree in Music Business and Technology from Goshen College, a Master of Divinity degree from Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and have been employed as a youth pastor and non-profit director. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with my spouse Kate and daughters Ivy and Juniper.

I also happen to care about living simply, practicing sustainability, building things with wood, and growing things in dirt. I am an enneagram one.